Walmart is in the field of e-commerce in America, Canada, It is a leading marketplace in major markets such as the UK and Mexico. Particularly in America, Walmart has a strong presence in the digital space, attracting 400 million web traffic monthly. It reaches a wide customer base by hosting 230 million customers every week in both its online and physical stores. Last year, sales of 573 billion dollars were made worldwide, and the fact that it has 7% of e-commerce sales in the American market shows the importance and influence of Walmart.

Walmart is known for its wide selection of products. It hosts 170 million SKU products in many categories such as fashion, electronics, household goods and food. Additionally, Walmart has a monthly traffic of 1.155 billion, offering great potential for sellers. Walmart also draws attention with its fulfillment service called wfs. This service helps sellers manage their operations such as shipping, packaging, returns and customer service. In this way, sellers can run their business more efficiently and offer customers a fast and reliable shopping experience.

By selling at Walmart, you can get your share of this huge market and grow your business internationally. As Brand Mentor, we provide comprehensive consultancy and management services to our customers selling at Walmart, helping them export their products to the American market. Contact Brand Mentor to step into export and achieve success at Walmart.

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