Fruugo is a UK-based e-commerce platform and The United Kingdom has the 5th largest economy in the world. It also hosts one of the markets with the largest e-commerce volume after America and China. 99% of the country’s population uses the internet and is quite accustomed to e-commerce shopping. You can reach customers around the world by selling on Fruugo. Once you list your products in English, Fruugo automatically translates them into 28 different languages and offers them for sale in other countries. No matter what currency your customers pay in, you will receive payment in the currency of the country you sell to.

You do not need to do extra advertising to sell on the marketplace; Fruugo uses a portion of the commission fees it receives to advertise your products. It allows you to receive payments in your own currency, no matter what currency your customers pay in. For example, a payment made in Swedish krona will be converted into TL and deposited into your account. Fruugo automatically translates product titles and specifications into 28 different languages to ensure your products are understandable in local languages in different countries.

Fruugo advertises your products for free in over 40 countries and you don’t have to pay any additional fees. Your ads are shown to customers who search for the products you sell on Google. As Brand Mentor, we manage all your company’s sales operations on Fruugo and help you develop a successful e-export strategy.